Painting a character

Here is a simple walk-through about how I usually do my digital painting. 


First step is always making a quick sketch based on clients wishes, or in this case the plans of my personal project. Usually I do the sketching with pencil, but sometimes I dot the entire process using drawing screen.

This time I used a pencil to quickly outline this character. She is a smuggler, and the story takes place in some remote planet, which sort of gives me the guidelines.

After scanning the sketch I Enhanced the lines in Photoshop.


The world in which the story takes place isn't too realistic, so I decided to go with rather bold and unnatural color scheme.

Next I did some toning and adjusting the proportions and posture. Also the background is starting to look the way I want it to.


Next comes my favourite part, the details! I have spent appx. one hour with this sofar, but can easily waste around ten more before this is completed. Thanks for reading and come back soon for the second part!

The adventure begins

Personal work - Photoshop


Personal work


Personal character design. Photoshop. Check the speedpaint video from my youtube-channel